Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review: Frankenstein Series

You either love his books or hate his books, but every reader knows his name.

Dean Koontz.

A couple months ago I read through his new trilogy about Frankenstein. This isn't your mother's Frankenstein either. This is science fiction to its modern day extreme.

I personally love the casual way Dean Koontz puts his stories together. He knows his readership, other writer's opinion be damned. But don't think because his storytelling is casual that his story is simple. This is exactly demonstrated with the Frankenstein novels: Prodigal Son, City of the Night, and Dead and Alive.

He's built a very complex and dynamic plot with very grey and flawed characters. The science fiction behind this concept is exact and detailed on the threshold of society's interest. He makes writing out these difficult ideas seem very easy.

I like that he placed Frankenstein's monster at the center of this story. He's an unlikely but obvious-once-pointed-to persona to fit the bill.

It's not perfect, as most Dean Koontz book aren't. There's certain parts of his other main characters, the cops, that aren't well developed and at times seem cheesy and two dimensional. Part of their persona even seemed slapped together. But right as they started to irritate me, he'd bring in the evil Victor Helios (read to find out more about his true identity) and all would be happy in the land of "AR Reading Land".

So, if you're looking for a great read then check out Dean Koontz Frankenstein trilogy.

'Kay, good writing all! (And reading)

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  1. I MUST MUST MUST get back into reading. MUST!!! I used to be such a book whore, but i haven't read anything in AGES!! I feel bad about that. I keep saying i don' have time, which is BS i do. Just need to get my reading groove back.