Saturday, March 13, 2010

Science Updates

Algae Fuel...this is an interesting concept and even though it's scope is for green Earth use, I can see this being mass produced during long space voyages as a sustaining fuel source (not an initial boosting fuel). With a developed algae growth enhancement process, this could have some tangible use.

The Not-So-Secret Secret military space craft is now at final testing phase. Of course, the military is not saying WHAT's going to be it's primary payload. Conspiracy freaks think weapons. Me...I think it's a huge cargo of Twinkies, but don't quote me on it. Seriously, though, this is a nice trigger for the start of expansion on who and what is going into space. This is the next phase of our journey out. And THAT you CAN quote me on.

Reusable Superglue. This is totally awesome. I love this as an alternative to Velcro and other strap devices. This material was inspired by gecko glue research and development. Let's give a hand to them gecko creatures!
Okay, so those are my science updates for this week.
Good writing all!

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