Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's a Writer's Life?

I got a bug in my brain about what kind of writer I am. Don't know why, it just happens sometimes. So, I'm dedicating this blog to categorizing the various types of writers and then deciding where I fall in. Remember, these are my opinions and I'm not cementing this in any way as fact. Hello, I write fiction...and sci-fi at that. Take all this with a grin and nod. It's what my family does when I get in these little fits.

Okay here is my fictional "facts" of what I think are the major writing categories:

Writing is Life: These people work, live, breath, and eat writing. It's all they think about and is way beyond just a passion. Words, sentences, paragraphs. The structures and magic they make. All this 100% of the time. They can no longer read for the pleasure of a story. They read for the pleasure of dissecting a piece. These people amaze me. Their dedication is envious. When I was young and just starting to look at life beyond Dawson Creek phase, this is what I thought of.

Writing is a Hobby: These people enjoy writing periodically. It's not a driving force in their life any more or less than any other hobby they might have. Mostly it is a passion, but not a part of their everyday existence. I've seen many of my "hobby-writing" friends go months without writing anything and not have a single withdrawal. When I hit up against the limits of my writing development and publishing goals I envy this group the lack of pressure and dependence writing has on them.

Writing is a Major Force: This group is somewhere in the middle of the other two. It's where I fall into (I think). I have a successful career and enjoy what I do for the most part, but my life passion is writing. I can't go a single day without writing something. Anything. Even if it's composing a Facebook entry. My Muse is definitely capturing everything for potential use later.

No matter what category you fall into, or if you are in a category all your own, every writer is of value. We each contribute to the art and collective that is writing. Why? Because every writer adds something to the written history of Humans.

Who knows, one day thousands of years from now it may not be Shakespeare an alien race finds on our now desolate planet. It just might be one of your or my stories that was printed in some obscure magazine.

Good writing all...and keep documenting our lives!

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