Monday, March 22, 2010

Know Your Worth

Know your worth as an aspiring writer, my friends. Yesterday evening I received an email from a publisher...or so called publisher. Thank goodness for the resources and networks I've built up in preparation for my novel submissions.

In just two weeks they read through my whole manuscript (or so they say) and deemed it "worthy of publication". Imagine how grateful I felt. They'd attached an agreement, marketing plan, and publication schedule, along with a FAQs page.

I read through the contract and other attachments and let me tell you, it was the best fiction I've ever read. Here's some highlights:
  • I purchase all copyrights, but give up all rights to my story for ten years
  • A whopping $25 advance
  • Mandatory 100 copies purchase that I have to make
  • No advertisement, promotion, or marketing budget/plan or obligation by them (the marketing plan was what I should do with the 100 copies I have to purchased from them)
  • A "No Sue" clause
  • They have absolute control over changes and edits with no approval needed by me
  • No out clause for me if they do not hold up their end of the bargain
  • 3% royalty for hardback, 10% for paperback, 25% for ebooks, but they then take out the costs of production and manufacturing from that and I get what's left
  • And no actual payment schedule for royalties I earn

I laughed reading through this and my hubby joined in. I then crafted a very clear response and reported them to two sites that are invaluable to all writers.

Before you start any submission, make sure to read up and know what you're getting into, because snakes like this company are everywhere in the business. Research, research, research. Knowledge in powerful and helps you maintain cool and calm in what will be a long and interesting journey into the world of publication and authorship.

She did get one thing right in her offer story is worthy of publication. However, it's worthy to be published by a house who will treat it and me with worth.

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  1. That scares me. I worry about the people who are so thrilled to be accepted that they actually fall for this sort of thing. Just imagine! It has to be working on someone out there, or the scammers wouldn't still be trying it.

    We are readers, as well as writers. I'm hoping that we all would know enough to read the dang contract before sending it off!