Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Most Interesting Incident

Hi had the most interesting incident yesterday evening. I couldn't find my muse, she was sad and tucked deep away due to recent non-writing reasons. So I took it in stride as the other parts of my brain didn't want to write either. Instead, I focused on cooking dinner.

I stood by the stove waiting for the water to boil and chuckled when the old adage crossed my mind, "a watched pot won't boil." I was watching it, with such intent that you'd think the very essence of my being counted on the water to start dancing. Fractured thoughts raced through my head as the water just sat in the metal pot, warming up at it's own leisure.

I've never watched water come to boil and so what happened when it did threw me off a bit. The very act shoved me out of the reverent, introspective state I'd been stuck in.

About an inch from the edge a little....water tornado started to swirl. A teeny size thing that would maybe frighten an ant. Its narrow funnel swirled slow, wobbling a bit as it started out. Then it grew wider and more steady. At the bottom of the pot teeny bubbles started dancing on the metal surface.

A quarter turn from the funnel, another started up. I watched them interact with the little bubbles squiggling around at the bottom of the pot. I leaned over at the miniature spectacle right as a big boil bubble reach the surface and rolled over onto itself.

With it came a story idea about an underwater civilization/world. It's so new that I haven't figured out the details, but the vague concept is simmering in my head just waiting to boil up to the surface.

I'll let you know when the full idea has arrived.

Good writing all!


  1. Congrats on the story idea! Mine come from...well...weird places as well.

    Inspired by your post, I think I'll go watch some water boil. The last time I handled boiling water - about a month ago, in my Adv. Biology class lab - I ended up spilling some, or maybe a little more than "some", on someone's feet and attempted to clean it up. And well...that's another story.

  2. Thanks for the congrats on my writers' geeky moment. It's refreshing to hear other writer's have the same moments.

    I hope the hot water didn't soak too far through your fellow students shoes. That could hurt! You'll have to tell the story sometime...maybe make it a scene in one of your upcoming works.

  3. I find the best ideas come when you are doing something that has no relation to writing at all. Like, sitting in church, really? who gets story ideas sittng in church?

  4. Heehee, Sammy. Church usually puts me to sleep. Of course the kind of ideas you get will get you in trouble arriving at the pearly gates.