Sunday, January 31, 2010

Writing Status: Anarchy

My muse is in full anarchy mode. I'm pulling my hair out. I got a sense she was starting to revolt when I posted my Veered off the Main Road entry, but it's official. Sadly, I don't think she even knows what direction SHE'S going in.

Last night was all over the place. By the end of the evening I'd given up any hope of working on Damarion, blurted out 3 horrible story ideas, 2 "maybe has potential" stories, and 1 "what the Wisconsin?" idea. Then I thought I'd try my hand at the rewrite request but found her refusing to speak to me.

I swear this Muse is going to take what's left of my sanity. I'll end up a babbling, old, grey-haired crazy woman with an imaginary parrot on her shoulder.

Good writing all! (May your Muses be better-tempered)


  1. I loved your post! I like it when people write like they talk. I've always been an admirer of writers who write sci-fi. I'm not into the genre, but to me it seems to be the hardest to write.

    Don't worry your muse will come back. Mine deserts me every once in awhile. But they always come back.

  2. Thank you, Sara for both the compliment and reading my blog. Funny, I always thought other genres were hard. Sci-fi just seems natural to me.

    I always thought article writing and nonfiction in general were some of the it?

  3. Add on: That is when my Muse is in the mood to work with me...

  4. My muse and i had a fight (she can be so unresonable sometimes) Hope yours gets her attitude in check.