Friday, January 15, 2010

Moving On

Wow. It was a revelation evening for me last night. I sat working on Damarion's Voyage and watching Modern Family through the magic of DVR and realized I'd moved on from Galileo.

Galileo Wars was finished recently, as you know from a previous post. I've tucked it away and totally let go. The original concept of Galileo has been with me through everything. It was my first novel ever and I've been reworking and reworking and reworking it for almost two decades. It's matured with me. Its characters have evolved with me.

And now it's done. This is whether publishing-wise it's a bad story, okay story, or something agents/publishers will drool over.

I know I've probably posted that I've completed it...but it hit that along with that completion I've closed a chapter in my writing history. I feel released and free to take on any idea without the flittering thoughts of Galileo in the background.

Okay, internal moment over. I'm off to finish lunch and continue work on Damarion.

Good writing all!


  1. I've noticed it does sometimes take awhile for the full impact to really settle in, especially if you've been working on a novel for that long. Congrats, by the way, on finishing. :D

    Good luck with the current project as well.

  2. Thanks, Merc. How's your work coming along?