Saturday, January 30, 2010

Science Updates

As a new post theme, I'm going to start doing periodic science and technology updates that interest me. The focus of these updates will be things I see arriving or down the pipe that will lead to some great science fiction concept basis. (Who am I kidding? They're just things I think are REALLY cool.)

Okay, here we go:

NASA unveils a new Space Suit...yay! This has been one of my dreams since the 1980s. It's taken longer than my sci-fi mind thought it would. But, no matter, it's here now. Taking a good look at the suit, it's very exciting. It modifies for different functions and environments and looks like some of the sci-fi prototypes in early 70s and late 80s science fiction stories.

Econeering...the way of the future. Watch out for this bioengineering science, and the key phrase, Econeering. If they are able to keep succeeding in this technology we're going to see the full potential of Terra forming at an accelerated rate. This technology is a little scary, depending on the ethical sustainment of the research and development.

Done wrong, this could turn into a more sinister sci-fi concept. Not only that, but with the parallel successes of genomic and nano technology I think we could see some blending of human, ecological, and IT on the future evolutionary timeline.

PZT: Flexible Energy Sheets...This is what I'm talking about! The new technology in this is amazing and something all sci-fi geeks should be uber excited about. PZT sheets can be placed anywhere that would stress and flex it and Wha-Bhammo! energy. This would be great in context to futuristic healthcare, space-living, long voyage transportation...the list goes on and on and on. (Phew...take a breath AR. The excitement's getting to ya.)
Well, those are three things that caught my imagination and stirred some great ideas.

Good writing all!


  1. I want the energy sheet!!! TOY!!! Shiny!!!

    <-- Me, who abuses exclamation points

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  2. I know, it's so exciting! I could charge my spacesuit battery pack WHILE I'm moving around on Mars or Europa. My space shuttle could recharge itself passing between solar systems!!!

    If, by that time I'm half robot...they could recharge my nano particles.

    I'm all exclamation points with the subject too, so it's okay!!!!!

    (Love the verification word...very fitting)