Saturday, July 24, 2010

And....I Have a Title

Oh thank goodness! It was a sticking point for me. Thursday night while writing, the working title for my sci-fi epic came to me. And drum roll please.....

Revelations of Tomorrow

You all probably already know, but I usually start my works with a title in mind. This epic, however, has been elusive. I think the reasons is because I'm doing some major layering of themes with this one. I had to wait and see what the dominate message was going to be...and then there it was shining right in my face and blinding my eyeballs.

Revelations, of both internal and external sources. Each character has some life altering revelation they are either suppressing, hiding, or don't even know about that comes out through the course of the story.

Good writing all! (What are some of your titles and what makes them perfect for your work?)


  1. Congrats on getting a title! I know how hard that can be. How ironic that the "revelation" of your title contained the very word. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! It is a little ironic...I guess the story's MC were the only ones to have a revelation through the writing.

  3. Hurrha for titles!

    I'm like you--usually I've got a title already thought of when I start a work. With my most recent one, though, I didn't. I sort of wanted ACROSS THE UNIVERSE since it fit well with the theme of the book, and since I listened to the Beatles song of the same name pretty obsessively while writing it. I was afraid it'd be too close to derivative, though, so I scrapped the idea...but my editor loved that title and it's the one we went with!

  4. Oh, that's great Beth! I love when a favorite title makes the cut. I've had a couple changed by the editor, though I'll admit so far, the editor's suggestion have been better.

    Congrat's on Across the Universe. Let me know when it's out next spring!