Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Courting the Story

With several thousand words written, 1k just tonight, I'm very happy-go-lucky this week. My wonderful, fabulous, magnificent sci-fi epic is coming along swellingly if my Muse and I do say so!

What I like most is that I'm finally getting that full click going on the story. You know how it is...it's sort of like meeting that person that just might be "the someone".

When I dreamed it, I had that initial attraction. The passionate drive to meet the characters and get to know them. Then we had the initial awkward date where I didn't quite know what approach to take, what questions to ask, if I should do dinner and movie or mini-golf and nachos.

Of course, after the first couple of get togethers, we started really getting to know each other. This week was like meeting the family and moving in with each other at the same time...


The other characters of my MC's life came flying out the creativity door and slamming into me. Culture, characteristics of their lives, likes and dislikes, angsts with each other. I can now fully hear their responses in my head and know what secrets they hold inside.

I'm in love people!

In love with my story all over again, but like a relationship...it's so much more than that initial attraction. It's deeper and contains the grown respect of the life it has all its own.

Okay...enough about my mushy gushy courting of the manuscript.

Good writing all! (Maybe this means I'm closer to naming the darn thing!)

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