Monday, July 19, 2010

Riding the Wave

Climbs out of the river of writing for a quick towel off.

Oh boy! There are times in writing when the words and ideas just take over. It's almost all you can think about. You fall into the pool of creativity and find out it's a raging river instead. All you can do is check her ducky floatie and plug your nose.

Saturday I was at a point where, even with a typing speed of 100, I couldn't keep up with the story. Muse was speed flashing it through my brain and didn't shut off until late into the night, when my brain just crashed on her.

6,500 words.

I woke up Sunday still having the story streaming through. My attention span was a little more fragmented but I still typed away for most of the day.

Another 4,300 words.

This morning I'm back at work, but I hear it, right at the back of my brain. Muse is in her shiny sports car, revving the engine. I hope she at least lets me get home before slamming it into drive and hitting the gas.

Good writing all!

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