Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Science Update

I'm back with another science update. (Well, technically I'm NOT back as I'm on vacation. I've sent this through telepathy...okay, okay, through the post options.) Any-who, I've been collecting them for a couple week and have some exciting new "stuff".

First up, the first images of Saturn lightning. This is a total geek thing on my part, but has some writing inspiration in it. Think about it. When you're building your world what's the weather going to look like? Be like? Feel like?

Could you image the experience of a Saturn storm? Just the thought gets my blood pumping. Because this article I'm revising my sci-fi epic so that my MCs will fall for each other during an alien planet storm.

All right, on to the next groovy-geeky-awesome thing...Silk Microchips that test and monitor the blood instantly. Yeah, you read right and probably assumed correctly. Lab techs...or even physicians implant this chip right below your skin and it will keep track of your blood.

This has great sci-fi potential for both short and long term scenarios. Short term, your MCs or secondary characters have a chronic illness that requires constant monitoring of the blood system. Long term, well every human born has this implanted to track health through their lifetime. Now that would have some great plots associated with it!

Just saying folks.

And on to the next. The next phase of "Vaccinomics" is here. Scientists are kicking back into gear on the development of individual vaccinations using genomic science. These shots will be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

How cool would this be in sci-fi stories? The medic could run a gene scan for injured, poisoned, or ill characters and the computer will come up with the perfect antidote!

Before I get too geeked out here and start tripping over my own words, I'll put one more update in this post. This one is one a purely domestic level. The interactive kitchen counter. This amazing counter has a brain and talks with your. It'll tell you if something spilled. It knows what kind of food you're putting on the counter and will help you find a recipe...What the Wisconsin?! This is crazy!

The possibilities of this being used in sci-fi bread and butter. It just fits. This is a totally quirky everyday thing you could use with your characters to give that extra little bit to the story.

Phew! Okay, I'm losing my mind on geekdom right now. I'm going to have to break for a moment.
Good writing all!

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