Monday, July 26, 2010

Build or Layer

This weekend was another push to complete the first draft of Revelations of Tomorrow. I have 6 planned scenes remaining, which in reality will probably end up being 8 or 9 (I usually find I've missed a few gaps along the way).

I know I've talked - er, written - about my writing method before, but I thought with the timing it would be appropriate to again. There are two types of writer methods in my thoughts. (I know there are probably more detailed versions, but my mind always groups them into two broad categories.) Those who build from the ground up and those who layer.

(A note before I go into this. Either group can have a developed plot line or not.)


The Ground Up folks work each scene to its fullest potential at the moment it comes down on paper, then move on to the next.

The Layering group (aka Bakers) write out the basic concept and plot line of the story. Then they flesh out details, layer by layer.

I'm more of the Layering type. Some scenes capture my attention enough that I flesh them out on the first draft, but for the most part, it's rather minimal. The next layers, usually, are the emotional and cultural scenes (as the culture usually dictates part of the emotional reaction). Then I have layers for scenery, scene transitioning, technical consistency. After all those layers, I take a couple weeks breather and then return to see how everything meshed together.

So that's my writing method and my thoughts on the two main types of writer methods.

Good writing all! (What kind of writing method do you all use?)


  1. I layer. I LOVE layers, and it's the only way I can work!

    word verification: satan

    That's weird.

  2. Fellow layer-er (??)!

    Satan?! That's creepy. No reflection on me...promise (heehee).

  3. Layer. I sketch, then I outline, then I flush, then I correct, then I add texture, then I submit.

  4. Very nice process, Krista! I like that you added "submit" to the process. It gives the finality and purpose to your writing...a true end point.