Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Basics

This should be interesting. As this posts, I'll be on vacation with the family.

I know you're asking, "What's interesting about that?"

Well, the family as a group - daughter not included and not happy about it - decided to leave all electronics at home. No iPods, no radios, no laptops. The only thing we'll have is a cell phone for emergency. (Leaving emergency singular. Plural is pushing the fates too much for my taste.)

Yup. Completely unplugged.

I'm going back to basics with my writing. Pen and Paper. Paper and Pen.

I do it occasionally when I'm overwhelmed with the Internet...but I still had the option, which somehow made it non-stressful. What if I can't keep up with my thoughts? What if my brain stresses too much and I can't focus? What if the papers fall into the fire, or water, or-or-or...

Breath AR, breath. *Deep breath*

Okay. It'll be fine. Just going old school, that's all.

Good writing all! (Hopefully I'll be sane when I return.)

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