Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's 4th of July. For all you international friends, this is US of A's day to celebrate independence, freedom, and all the hot dogs and hamburgers we can shovel down our throats.

I love 4th of July, which only comes in second to Thanksgiving. Why? Who the hell really knows. I'm patriotic. I'm into things that go boom. Okay, those sound good.

This is a sci-fi blog, AR, what are you talking about the 4th for??

All right, I'll get right to the nitty-gritty of the post. What kind of holidays do you expect in the future? There we'll be, spread out all over the solar system, government systems completely changed, diversity mixed into new cultures, religion turned inside out and upside down.

Most likely, my 4th and Thanksgiving will be nullified. So, what's the core of holidays? Well, they're primarily religious points of reverence and government points of victory.

When you're building your story and outlining your religious and government framework, think about the holidays that will be involved. It might make for an awesome showdown scene (think Macy's Day and Mardi Gras parade police chases). Or a great revelation scene (think Church confession or monk temple sabbatical).

What it'll definitely do is give that extra bit of believability to your future world and a little more depth to your storyline.

Good writing all!

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